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Photos by Arline Bartick


June 18, 2023 Contest

Clint B.jpg

Clint Brooks

Mike P (1).jpg
Brad Terrell (7).jpg

Brad Terrell

Mike Pykelny

Don B (2).jpg

Don Bartick

Mark C (1).jpg

Mark Chomyn

Orbiteers at the San Valeers Contest at Lost Hills, April 14-16, 2023

Phil Ronney.jpg

Phil Ronney

Clint Brooks 2 (1).jpg

Clint Brooks

Randy Secor 2.jpg

Randy Secor

Bob Stalick.jpg

Bob Stalick

Mike Pykelny (10).jpg

Mike Pykelny

Don Bartick 2 (5).jpg

Don Bartick

February 19 2023 Contest

Don Bartick (10).jpg

Don Bartick

Brad, John, Stan, Tim, Daniel.jpg

Brad, John, Stan, Tim, Daniel

Brad Terrell 1 (2).jpg
Daniel Guo (2).jpg

Daniel Guo

David Wade 1.jpg

David Wade

Brad Terrell

Don Bartick

Don Bartick 1 (2).jpg
John Merrill, Tim Batiuk.jpg

John Merrill and Tim Batiuk

Mark Chomyn 1 (1).jpg

Mark Chomyn

Mike Pykelny (9).jpg
Stan Buddenbohm (7).jpg

Stan Buddenbohm

Mike Pykelny

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