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Photos by Arline Bartick

2018 Orbiteer of the Year Mike Jester

For the second year in a row, Orbiteer of the Year for 2018 was Mike Jester. Again, he placed in four of the five outdoor events and three of the four indoor events. CONGRATULATIONS, MIKE.

2018 Contest Results

Indoor Results



1st -  Richard Wood

2nd – Mike Jester

 3rd – C.M. Kim   


Catapult Launched Glider

1st - Richard Wood  

2nd – Don Bartick

3rd – Mike Jester


Limited Penny Plane

1st - Mike Jester

 2nd - Richard Wood

 3rd – John Alling 


​ P-18

1st – Don Brent

 2nd – Don Bartick

 3rd – John Hutchison 

Outdoor Results



1st - Don Bartick

2nd – Greg Hutchison

3rd-  Mike Jester


Old Time/Nostalgia Rubber

1st – John Hutchison

2nd – Mike Jester

3rd – Mark Chomyn



1st -  Tied: Mike Jester and Mike Pykelny

3rd – Greg Hutchison



1st – Tied: Greg Hutchison and Mike Pykelny



1st - Greg Hutchison

2nd - Mike Pykelny

3rd – Mike Jester

Don and Arline Bartick holding personally engraved wine glasses commemorating 13 years of service. Arline has and (hopefully 😊 ) will be our outstanding photographer.

Don Bartick was presented with a special plaque in appreciation for outstanding service as the President of San Diego Orbiteers for 13 years. THANK YOU, DON!

John Hutchison winner of Old Time Rubber/Nostalgia

Bartick receiving 1st Place P-30 from our new President Mark Chomyn

Mike Jester holding the Coupe Trophy. Jester and Mike Pykelny tied for 1st in Coupe

Greg Hutchison receiving the Glider award

Mike Pykelny receiving the Power award. Mike and Greg Hutchison tied for Power.

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